Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mike Portnoy will be drumming on AVENGED SEVENFOLD (Keputusan MIKE PORTNOY Untuk tetap di AVENGED SEVENFOLD?)

After having had such an
amazing experience
recording my drum tracks
for the new Avenged
Sevenfold album, we all
knew it would be
awesome if I'd be able to
do some touring with the
band after its release...
I am happy to say that
the timing worked out
perfectly that my touring
cycle with Dream Theater
(and Transatlantic) was
coming to an end just as
A7X's was scheduled
(well, perfect for
everyone except my poor
family!) : )
Although I wish I could
stay on board with A7X in
a more permanent
capacity, the reality is
that I am committed to
Dream Theater as my
main priority (that is my
baby after all!), and I will
need to resume work
with DT to start a new
album at some point in
However, I will be able to
join my brothers in
Avenged Sevenfold for at
least the duration of
their touring throughout
2010...and hopefully this
will give them the time to
continue to heal and get
comfortable back on the
You can look at me like
the band's "rebound
drummer" to buy them
some time until they are
comfortable and ready to
make a commitment to
somebody new for full-
time relationship in their
In the meantime, I am
real excited to hit the
road with the boys...to
bring my drumming from
their new album to life on
stage and to honor The
Rev with all of their older
(Hey, do I get to have a
cool, bad-ass stage name
now???) : )
C-ya out there,

*Setelah saya kuliah, insyaALLAH akan saya terjemahkan

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